Make Up For ever Redid The artist Rouge Lipsticks, and THEY’RE incredible

The make up For ever artist Rouge Lipsticks are getting a sequel next month
First things first, my pal — pleased national Lipstick Day!

(As if we needed another reason to love lipstick.)


Second, that mint green, though…

We live in remarkable times. Not only can we roll up to a Sephora and purchase a spectacular mint green lipstick like the one in the newly reformulated, repackaged (but still comprehensive at 45 shades) make up For ever artist Rouge Lipstick line, but today’s lipsticks just keep getting better and lebih baik.

Shout-out to the cosmetics chemists out there doing the damn thing to bring charm lovers like you and me lipsticks that, not only last longer on our lips, but also pack much more pigment into a creamier, much more comfortable formula than their predecessors.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

That’s the case with the make up For ever Rouge artist Lipstick line, which relaunched online this month (and arrives at Sephora stores in August) with a new formula and a new outfit.

The line of 14 mattes (not including a couple of limited edition shades) and 31 creams encompases a rainbow of colors — 45 shades in all — from reds, pinks, berries and nudes to edgier offerings like blue, lilac, black and, yes, cray-cray green.

I’ve been a longtime fan of numerous of the O.G. Rouge artist Lipsticks, including my beloved orangey coral #39, and I wondered how in the world MUFE could improve upon what I think is essentially a pitch-perfect pigmented formula…but by terrific Gatsby’s ghost, they FREAKIN’ DID IT.

The new formula is smoother, much more moisturizing (they include macadamia nut and mallow oils, fancy!) and longer-lasting. even the new pointier bullet suggestion is simpler to get into the corners and my Cupid’s bow.

Asking me to choose my favorite from among all 45 shades is like asking me to choose between Biggie and Tupac! — but that mint shade, C601, is absolutely bananas.

Please note: if you happen to wear it around a four-month-old baby girl, she may start screaming (OUT OF FEAR! FROM DELIGHT!) when she sees you.

I also really like the bad-@ss-ness of dark blue C603, a limited edition shade from a collaboration between MUFE and the group Icona Pop.

And from among the much more conventional shades, matte nude M101 gets me through the day with a smile (as does matte hot pink M202).

M101 — that’s the one I’ll wear today.


What are you wearing for national Lipstick Day?

Pecandu pesona lingkungan Anda yang ramah,


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