You must Choose: The Take Your Tabby to work edition

You must choose! Messing with yo’ mind for seven years, give or take…
It’s time for another installment of YOU must CHOOSE!

What is You must Choose?


Well, the idea is to choose between two or more seemingly impossible, or at least disturbing, choices.

Things like…

Finally, after years of toil and trouble, you land your dream job! You nail the interview, and the company calls you the next day to make an offer.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

It’s a pretty good salary, and there are lots of perks, too, including a generous holiday bonus, a gym membership, five weeks of vacation and a casual dress code (people wear pajamas to work!). You can even bring your pets to the office, and they have free on-site child care.

Only thing is…you’d have a two-hour commute in the car every day. Setiap jalan. and public transportation and carpooling aren’t viable options (no, you cannot take a helicopter or small plane either, you goofball!). Neither are telecommuting or moving closer to the office.

Do you take the job? Kamu harus memilih.

Speaking of airplanes, you’re on a packed 8-hour flight to give a huge presentation at company headquarters, and you’ll have to be “on” the moment the plane lands.

On the flight, would you rather…

There be an obnoxious child behind you who relentlessly kicks your seat, touches your ears and screams at the top of his lungs the entire time (you also forgot to bring your noise-canceling headphones and, sorry! — you can’t switch seats.)?

Or have to take a special chartered party plane with nonstop booty-shaking music, drunk people grinding and shouting in the aisles, and filthy restrooms? To top it all off, there’s no food service. just free drinks. and you haven’t eaten since yesterday.

Which flight do you take? Kamu harus memilih.

Bonus question for the cat ladies (sorry, this one is tough): would you rather work as a pet assistant for a cat who absolutely adores you but sadly departs to cross the Rainbow Bridge after only five years (*tears*), or land a gig with a cat who lives for 25 years but mostly ignores you, except when food is involved? Kamu harus memilih.


Leave your answers in the comments, babe! I can’t wait to read ’em.

Pecandu kecantikan lingkungan Anda yang ramah,


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