Provocative Pinks as well as Purples Play Atop Lips as well as tips in Guerlain’s crazy Paris holiday Collection

crazy for Guerlain’s crazy 68 Rouge G de Guerlain in 863 provocative ($49.50)
The “crazy” in Guerlain’s latest restricted edition expedition, crazy Paris, truly seems to find with in the lipsticks as well as nail polishes, as well as to that I say, HAWT DAMN, PEOPLE! Bring on the crazy!

Crazy 68 Rouge G de Guerlain in 863 provocative ($49.50)

Observe Provocative’s classy restricted edition Rouge G packaging…
With its crazy long name, crazy 68 Rouge G de Guerlain in 863 provocative is 50 cents timid of 50 bucks, as well as that hurts, however if you’ve fallen in like with the concept of this creamy opaque hot pink however aren’t prepared to throw down $49.50 for it, perhaps MAC Impassioned might (at least temporarily) quell that urge.


863 Provocative, up close
Buuuuut if you are prepared to trade in that Camry for a BMW, Guerlain’s Rouge Gs are like the high-end cars and trucks of the lipstick world…and if that makes any type of sense at all (it doesn’t), 863 is the design that makes your boy toy jealous. We’re speaking moonroof, heated leather seats as well as satellite navigation.

Cute widdle pink G
Rouge G de Guerlain in 863 Provocative

Crazy 68 Rouge Automatique in 660 illusion ($35)

A squirt of orange bedecks 660 Illusion’s tube
Illusion’s sheer, sparkling plum has a smooth structure as well as a forgiving (particularly on mature lips) sheen finish. Plus, it plays well with others, as in skin tones ranging from light to dark.

Crazy 68 Rouge Automatique in 660 Illusion
Wearing crazy 68 Rouge Automatique in 660 illusion on my lips…
La Laque Couleur in 861 Sulfurous ($23)

Two coats of 861 Sulfurous
Ooh! — keep in mind Bobbi Brown’s Black Pearl from last fall? Sulfurous is a bit like that, however a few shades lighter, as well as with more purply taupe as well as less black.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

Like (oh, right here we go), if Black Pearl went with an rage administration program as well as emerged noticeably calmer however still prepared to cut you at a moment’s notice, it would be just like Sulfurous.

Saya suka itu.

Ultraviolet top coat ($23)

One coat of Ultraviolet top Coat
This glossy polish’s insurance claim to fame is that it turns fluorescent under ultraviolet light.

Now, if this were 1998, I’d quickly be able to test that at any type of home celebration (just discover the one space in the home with the black light as well as the people eating the “special” brownies), however in this day as well as age? I assumption I’ll just have to wait up until somebody I understand tries it as well as reports back…hint, hint.

I can, however, verify that Ultraviolet does provide nails a faint blue tint, which is difficult to see in these pics (but it is more obvious in person).

Eight pieces from the 10-piece crazy Paris holiday collection
The crazy Paris collection is offered now at Guerlain counters in Saks fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom as well as Neiman Marucs stores (and coming soon online).


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