Just a friendly call From You-Know-Who about the new NARS Mondore Satin Lip Pencil

wearing the new NARS Mondore Satin Lip Pencil ($25) from the NARS night Caller fall 2014 collection

KAREN: Tabs the cat Industries, LLC, office of the President, Karen speaking. how may I help you?


RYGOS: Ryan Gosling Incorporated, office of My Living Room, Ryan speaking.

KAREN: Ryan, you’re hella dumb!

RYGOS: excuse me, what was that? who says “hella”?


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$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

KAREN: only the amazing kids say hella… So you’re excluded, haha!

RYGOS: Oh, she has jokes.

KAREN: Yeah, yeah…

Dude, I’m kind of busy, so I can’t really chat best now. Ada apa?

Candaan. I haz them.
RYGOS: Oh, I’m sorry. Kamu sibuk. because you’re so essential that you can’t make time for your old pal Ryan anymore.

KAREN: Ah, poor Ryan… It’s so hard to find somebody to speak with when you’re a well-known actor.

RYGOS: Hey, now.

KAREN: Don’t worry. You’re still my top favorite shirtless actor. I’m actually just trying to get out of here because I have dinner plans with El Hub tonight. It’s our eighth wedding anniversary.

RYGOS: Wow, eight already? Are you finally gonna give El Hub that medal?

KAREN: What medal?

RYGOS: You know, that medal for putting up with you.

KAREN: (…) What do you want, Ryan?

RYGOS: I need to get my sister a present.

KAREN: Go on. I like where this is headed.

RYGOS: She said she wanted a red lipstick from NARS, but of course I have no idea which one to get, so I thought I’d call my favorite crazy cat lady/friendly neighborhood charm addict.

KAREN: Aw, flattery will get you everywhere.

RYGOS: Really? I’ve never heard that.

KAREN: OK, here’s what you do. wait until July 15th, because that’s when the new NARS night Caller fall collection comes out.

NARS Mondore Satin Lip Pencil, $25 (limited edition)

There’s a limited edition Satin Lip Pencil in the release called Mondore. It’s a beautiful, rich, warm satiny lipstick, sort of halfway between brick red and deep cranberry.

Not your common red lip, so it’s kind of special.

It’s also very smooth, lasts for hours, and it’ll even stay put through dinner and drinks.

Your sis will love it.

RYGOS: sounds perfect! but the 15th, huh? I’m not sure I’m going to be in town on the 15th.

KAREN: Why don’t you just ask your assistant to get it?

RYGOS: C’mon now! I’m not so big for my britches that I can’t shop for my own sister’s present.

Mondore Satin Lip Pencil
KAREN: OK. Well, if you can’t get to a NARS boutique on the 15th, you can purchase it online at narscosmetics.com.

Or you could just wait for August 1, which is when it arrives at Sephora stores and NARS counters.

RYGOS: Aw, thanks, K. What would I do without you?

KAREN: live a miserable life being really bored because you’d have nobody to tell you crazy cat lady stories.

In addition to Mondore, I’m also wearing Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow, night Clubbing eyeliner and Unlawful Blush
Swatches of the additional NARS fall 2014 pieces I’m wearing, from the left: Dolomites Duo Eyeshadow, night Clubbing eyeliner and Unlawful Blush
RYGOS: Haha! Truer words were never spoken.

KAREN: Is that it? I really have to go now.

RYGOS: Alrighty, bud. You tell that hubby of yours hi, and remind him about our fishing trip on the 23rd.

KAREN: Don’t you imply your bromance trip?

RYGOS: Oh, you’re hilarious.

KAREN: I know.

RYGOS: You belong on late-night television.

KAREN: Yeah, I’ve got jokes for days.

RYGOS: Months even!


KAREN: Alright! I’m hanging up now.


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