What a difference a clean Makes! The just recently Reformulated MAC studio nail Lacquers: part 1

Time to paint those paws!
I like many, many things about MAC, however I have to state — I haven’t always been the biggest fan of their nail polishes.

That’s mainly been since of the clean — it’s the old-fashioned style, where the bristles frequently spread out, which makes applying the polishes type of a chore.


I dunno… I just prefer the flatter-style of brushes from brands like OPI, where it’s simple to get that nice crisp edge I like. I’ve always discovered those type of brushes easier to use.

And then there’s the MAC formula. a few of the shades just seem to chip sooner than I’d like, as well as I don’t believe I’m the only person who notices it. Whenever I mention a MAC polish to my girlfriends, they’re like, “Yeah. MAC? Tidak. The chipping.”

The new MAC studio nail Lacquers: Reformulated as well as Redesigned With a brand new Brush

Creams, frosts, pearls as well as glitters, oh my!
Fast ahead to now.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

The brand reworked their entire nail line. The new studio nail Lacquer line ($12 each) now includes 36 shades spread out among four completes in cream, frost, pearl as well as glitter.

They likewise introduced new base as well as top coats called Underlacquer as well as Matte Overlacquer, respectively.

Joining the studio nail Lacquer line is a new household of six top coats called the nail Transformations (also $12 each), designed to modification the look as well as feel of nail polishes used with them.

Deets on those soon, as I’m still testing, however if you can’t wait, they’re offered now online…

With the reformulation, MAC added conditioning components like Vitamins C, E as well as B5 to the formula, together with a lot of new colors (although they did bring over many of the O.G. ones too), as well as then there’s the previously mentioned new brush…

Now it has the flat shape! Aaaah! [THE CLOUDS PART]

With it, I notice that I can cover a great deal more surface area per swipe, as well as it’s easier to produce nice sharp edges.

So, Where Are They?

They’re almost here! They’re en route, you might say. The studio nail Lacquers show up July 3 on the MAC website (in stores July 10, 2014), as well as are headed for the long-term line.

The nail Transformations, however, are offered on the internet now, as well as coming to stores July 3 (also to the long-term line).

Swatches, Yo! Bagian 1

This very first batch features a few of the summery colors (corals, peaches, pinks), reds as well as darker creams, for those already in autumn mode.

So far, so good, in terms of application. most of the shades I’ve tried go on smoothly as well as appear pigmented on my nails. In some cases, I’m even able to get away with a single coat.

I’m still testing these for wear time. will they last longer than the O.G. MAC lacquers before chipping? tetap disini. hanya waktu yang akan memberitahu…


Let me understand which of these catches your eye. inspect back a bit later for the glitters, frosts as well as more of the darker shades.

Peaches, warm Pinks as well as Corals

From the left: Erogenous, only in Florida, Impassioned as well as immediate Crush
Only in Florida, a mid-tone orange coral cream
Erogenous, a light milky peach cream (two coats)
Instant Crush, a bright coral cream (two coats)
Impassioned, a bright warm pink (two coats, however I could’ve utilized one)
Reds as well as Plums

From the left: Shirelle, Flaming Rose, Sour Cherry as well as Rebel
Shirelle, a traditional bright red cream (two coats, however one would’ve been fine)

Flaming Rose, a true red cream (two coats, however I could’ve utilized just one; also, please reason the restricted edition Pedro Lourenco bottle, LOL)
Sour Cherry, a dark berry red cream (two coats, however one would’ve been cool, too)
Rebel, a mid-tone rich plum cream (two coats, however I could’ve utilized one)
Neutrals as well as awesome Pinks

Delicate, Snob as well as Saint Germain
Delicate, a pale sheer ballet pink cream (two coats)
Snob, a light neutral pink cream (three coats)
Saint Germain, a light awesome pink cream (two coats)
The MAC studio nail Lacquer Line Includes…

Quiet Time: a beige nude (cream)

Coffee Break: a mid-tone awesome taupe (cream)

Delicate: a pale sheer ballet pink (cream)

Erogenous: a light milky peach (cream)

Skin: a light peachy beige (cream)

Snob: a light neutral pink (cream)

Saint Germain: a light awesome pink (cream)

Instant Crush: a bright coral (cream)

Only in Florida: a mid-tone orangey coral (cream)

Morange: a bright creamy orange (cream)

Impassioned: a bright warm pink (cream)

Girl about Town: a bright bluish fuchsia (cream)

Shirelle: a traditional bright red (cream)

Flaming Rose: a true red (cream)

Sour Cherry: a dark berry red (cream)

Rebel: a mid-tone rich plum (cream)

Midnight Ocean: a dark royal blue (crim)

Nocturnelle: Hitam Benar yang Kaya (Krim)

Sunset Sky: Mid-Tone Crimson (Cream)

Midnight Storm: Magenta yang dalam (krim)

Anti-Busana: Purple Kotor Mid-Tone dengan Pearl (Frost)

Tengah Malam Strata: Violet gelap (krim)

Sebelum Dawn: abu-abu kehijauan (krim)

Langit tengah malam: arang yang dalam (krim)

Berteriak terang: Emas Super Glittery (Pearl)

Soiree: emas perunggu ringan yang berkilau (mutiara)

Gadis Masalah: Pink Super Glittery (Pearl)

Mean & Green: Ungu dengan Teal Multi-Changing Pearl (Pearl)

Tubuk: Teal ramah lingkungan dengan mutiara multi-ganti pink (mutiara)

Rain of Flowers: Violet yang dalam dengan pink dan biru mutiara (mutiara)

Perak Dew: Basis Bersinar Emas dengan Multi-warna Big Shine (Glitter)

Cepat juta: Bersinar Emas dengan Partikel Big Pink Shine (Glitter)

Tropis: Hitam dengan Rainbow Multi-Pearl (Glitter)

Overlacquer: Struktur Top Struktur Hapus Gel

Underlacquer: mantel dasar struktur seperti gel

Matte Overlacquer: Matte Impact Top Coat (Matte)

Garis transformasi kuku meliputi …

TEXTURIZE: Hapus Mantel Top Efek Kulit

Sorot: Transformer Mutiara Biru Sheer

Pigmen Cair – Pink Pearl: Transformer Mutiara Pink Sheer

Pigmen Cair – Mutiara Ramah Lingkungan: Transformer Mutiara Ramah Lingkungan Sheer

Pigmen Cair – Mutiara Emas: Transformer Mutiara Emas Sheer

Bayangan: mantel atas yang menghitamkan

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