Working through Some things With the Bobbi brown limited edition Twilight Pink Lip & Eye palette

wearing the new Bobbi brown limited edition Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette
Friend, I’m hoping you can help me through this bout of grade-A writer’s block by forgiving me for rambling and blabbering on (more than usual) while I slog my way through it.

Truth is, after 8,729 posts about makeup (seriously, that’s how many posts I’ve done)…sometimes you run out of new ways to say, “This is (or isn’t) a pretty kick-@ss palette.”


First, this was supposed to be a post about Bobbi Brown’s new limited edition $80 Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette, but whether it ends up being that or something else, we’re about to find out.

Ha! I made myself laugh…

At least that’s a start.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

So, back to the palette. It’s new for the holidays, houses 10 powder eyeshadows in a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter finishes; four sheer lip colors and two tiny brushes (which, eh, are just OK).

See, here’s the good thing about wearing smokey eyes…

Uh…I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I’m just going to sit here and move my fingers until I think of something to say.

I warn you — it might take a while.

Bobbi brown Deluxe Lip and Eye Palette

The eyeshadows
Alright, Karen, what’s the most surprising thing about this palette?

Gosh, Karen, I don’t know. I keep trying to think of a snappy intro, like, I could make a joke about Twilight, the movie, or maybe say something about the lack of warmth in the palette.

Gawd, my hand is throbbing… This is what I get for not cleaning the floors. I actually fell, slow motion, in my office today, and the lamest thing of all was that I was barely moving when it happened. I was just walking slowly to my chair.

Honestly, it’s a miracle the bookshelf didn’t fall on me.

I guess we can just file that under “Not-So-Exciting things That happened Today.”

As for things filed under “Good things That happened Today,” I did a dark smokey eye with this palette, and it didn’t turn out half bad.

The lip products
Maybe I should talk about the palette now…

OK, the palette, the palette, the palette! It’s by Bobbi Brown, new for holiday, WOOTY TOOT TOOT! Bobbi Brown’s new limited edition holiday palette features 10 powder eyeshadows and four lip colors housed in one sleek mirrored kit. There are also two mini brushes included as well for on-the-go touch-ups.

I hate THAT WORD FEATURED. I hate THAT WORD HOUSED. I hate FEATURED, HOUSED, BOASTS, OFFERS, because I would never, ever say any of those words in casual conversation. holy sh*t, this is angry, angry typing. I can barely see straight.

Anyway, new palette, new for holiday. It’s got a lot of cool-toned colors.

Oh, boy, I’m not going to be able to use any of this at all. keep breathing, don’t freak out, pretend you’re just talking to Jen.

I guess I would tell her that most of the colors are very cool-toned, with a couple of neutrals. Not a lot here for people in the warmer skin tone department.

I hate that word, “department.”

The packaging

It’s a nice kit. What does nice mean? nobody knows what nice means.

What would I say to Jen?

She’d probably ask me what I was wearing and say something nice like, “I like your eye makeup. Apa yang kamu pakai?”

It’s a new holiday kit by Bobbi Brown, so if you like it you should go now to the counter because holiday stuff usually sells out fast, and if you wait until December, you never know if it’ll still be there. That’s how it is in the makeup world. You’re literally celebrating Christmas in July sometimes. OK, maybe not in July, but October and November.

Since you have such warm skin tone, I don’t know if I’d recommend this for you. most of the colors in the kit (at least the eyeshadows) are cool-toned. There are some neutrals, like the shimmery gold and matte brown, but you may not love the rest of them.

Or, you could take the neutral shades and warm them up by mixing them with the other colors. Apakah itu masuk akal? Don’t be afraid to mix the eyeshadows together. I’ve seen makeup artists do it all the time at the counter. It’s actually kind of fun. It’s what I did with this look here. I did a lot of double-dipping of my brushes.

I’d take a brush, swirl it in one pan, then swirl it in another, and then pop that on an eye.

Anyway, if you’re going for a high-fashion, very dark eye — not the palette for you. This one’s more for everyday smokey eyes, something like I’m wearing here. even the darkest color in the pan isn’t that dark. It’s actually super sheer, which is good if you’re scurred of dark colors or if you want to wear smokey eyes but don’t want to look like a panda. With sheer shades, you can work your way up in layers. It’s easier to start with a little color and build up than to start with a ton of color and sheer down.


Astaga! The lip colors. I just realized bahwa saya belum berbicara sama sekali tentang mereka. Namun, benar-benar, mereka tampak seperti renungan. Semua cantik. Eh, mereka cukup baik.

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Pecandu kecantikan lingkungan Anda yang ramah (tapi frustrasi),


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