MAC Unsung Heroes: shows Antique Gold shine

using MAC shows Antique Gold on my lids while trying to look sultry in my living space when in truth I’m believing about a grilled cheese sandwich (no, seriously)
So let’s talk shine — particularly MAC shows Antique Gold Glitter.

Oooh, girl!


Wait — before you put that palm up as well as say, “No, Karen [INSERT SASSY JENNY-FROM-THE-BLOCK HEAD TWITCH HERE]. I don’t do glitter,” let me just state that this shine is one of the very best afternoon pick-me-ups.

Better than eco-friendly tea or coffee even. Scout’s honor.

Wearing MAC Mulch as well as Saddle Eyeshadows on my lids with MAC shows Antique Gold shine patted on top with a finger
Like, this afternoon, I was feeling truly run down as well as type of blah. I took this shimmery loose shine out around 2 as well as patted a bit on top of my lids. Yup, directly on top of the smokey brown eye makeup I was already wearing.


Kaus Kucing & Makeup ??

$ 42.

Berbelanja sekarang

LEDAKAN! I go from “meh” to “Vegas, b*tches!” in 2.5 seconds, thanks to this turbo-charged jar of sparkling happiness.

That’s MAC warm spirit blush on my cheeks as well as metropolitan Decay naked Lipgloss in Liar on my lips…

I mean, yeah, there’s a ton of loose shine out there, however a few of it is downright frightening! — at least I believe so, particularly when the pieces are gargantuan as well as the colors are straight-up cray.

Sure, there’s a time as well as location for makeup appears like that, however they aren’t precisely simple to routinely work into the typical makeup routine.

MAC shows Antique Gold Glitter, $21
But with shows Antique Gold’s very pretty, taupe-y bronzed golden glitter, you completely can. The color itself, as well as the fantastically fine flecks, make it surprisingly refined.

I mean, it’s not daily you run into a taupe-y, shimmery, bronzy gold shine you can pat on top of a neutral eye look as well as be like, “YES!” It looks truly expensive, like what Cleopatra might have used back in the day.

Seriously, these photos do refrain from doing it justice (I tried though!). It’s so much sparklier in genuine life. You truly have to see it shimmering as well as shining on your lids, as well as when you blink, it’s otherworldly.

MAC shows Antique Gold — it’s much sparklier in person!
I don’t do anything elegant when I wear it. just pat it in the center of my lids on top of whatever (usually neutral) eye look I occur to be wearing. Mudah itu. A bit on your finger, as well as pat, pat, pat directly on your lids. You might likewise utilize a shine glue if you have difficulty getting loose shine to stay put (Too dealt with makes one I like, however I’m typically as well lazy as well as avoid it).

As we relocation toward spring as well as summer, please keep Antique Gold in mind. It’s a blast to have around. When the weather condition warms up, I believe that’s the very best time to be adventurous with shinier, sparklier finishes. You might wear it on top of your preferred metallic gold, bronze or brown eyeshadow, too, as well as both cream or powders would work. then do a couple coats of mascara as well as BAM! — sultry summertime siren. Ooh-lah-lah!


Reflects Antique Gold shine is offered now at MAC counters as well as on the internet at

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